This page answers the frequently asked questions about Scouting. More information can be found at scouts.org.uk

What is Scouting?

Scouting is a remarkable movement that brings amazing benefits and enjoyment to everyone involved – children, leaders, parents and everyone involved with the running of the group. Scouting changes lives of young people and adults, we make a positive difference in our communities.

Scouting brings a spirit of optimism and practicality to its work. We welcome all young people in Scouting and we believe passionately in what we do.

Through adventure, we help our scouts develop team-work skills, friendships, confidence, independence, responsibility and a ‘can do’ attitude to help prepare them for the wider world.

Everyone in our group takes part in many adventures & activities at weekly evening meetings, weekend activities in the term, and week-long summer camps (for the older sections).  In a typical year, we will go climbing, cycling, caving, hiking, canoeing, abseiling, kayaking, swimming, fire-lighting, community visits, craft activities, raft building and many many more adventures.

We are the UK’s most practical charity, the second most empowering charity and the fourth most reputable charity. 

We deliver life skills – 67% of people believe we provide young people with a range of skills which will be useful in later life

Overall we are seen as:

  • friendly
  • inspiring
  • reputable
  • positive
  • fair
  • authoritative
  • helpful
  • challenging

Who is Scouting for?

Our group runs Beavers (6-8yrs – Friday 6pm -7:30pm), Cubs (8-10.5yrs – Monday 6:15pm – 7:45pm) and Scouts (10.5-14yrs – Friday 7:30pm – 9pm). We have Young Leaders / Explorer Scouts (14-18yrs) and adult leaders (18+).

Who runs Scouting?

Our team of leaders is made up of dedicated adult volunteers from the local area. For most of the time these volunteers are engineers, nurses, librarians, teachers, business executives etc but are the heart and soul of our Scout group.

Everyone in our group is a volunteer, which is why we can provide such great value activities. All our leaders have undergone extensive training and DBS checks, and when we provide “adventurous activities” we will either use externally qualified people or our own leaders with appropriate qualifications.

Where are we? Eastleigh – Southampton

Our weekly meetings are at St Paul’s Church in the community hall

St Paul’s Church, Fair Oak Road, Bishopstoke, SO50 8LQ

Our weekend camps are typically at Ferny Crofts, Lyons Copse, Cricket Camp or Pinsent. Information is provided to parents and guardians.

How much does it cost?

Scouting is an affordable way of providing a range of exciting and adventurous activities for your child.

In a recent survey, 75% of parents said Scouting provided the best value for money compared to other extra-curricular activities like sports and martial arts groups, youth clubs and drama or music classes.

The subscriptions fee covers the cost of the hire or upkeep of the meeting place and the costs of activities we provide. Our objective is always to keep our subs as low as possible whilst ensuring that we are able to provide the leaders with the facilities and equipment to offer exciting Scouting. Trips, camps and activities are usually charged separately.

Please speak to your section leader about subs and if you have any concerns. 


Young people wear core uniform of a coloured sweatshirt or shirt depending on the section. They will also wear a special group necker.

Uniform can either be bought from Scout Shops Ltd or a local supplier like Skoolkit. You can ask the adult volunteers in your child’s Group for more information on where to buy.

We don’t want young people to miss out through financial hardship. If concerns about finances may prevent your child taking part in Scouting or some activities, speak to your local leader, as some assistance may be available in confidence.